Tuesday, October 26

I finished my poncho!!!

I hope everyone was not holding their collective breaths while I decided if I wanted to make myself a very harlot poncho, or start one for one of my DGDs...cause I went ahead and started both.

I finished my harlot poncho last night. I made it out of Patons Katrina in black. It is de-vine! I just have to fringe it.

The GDs is still only about a third done, cause I have been making quick birthday gifts, and have been working on Christmas knitting.

I have a cardigan for same GD OTN for Christmas. I've made 3 or 4 washcloths as gifts. I finished a couple of toddler sweaters for BD gifts. I've also made a couple of scarves.

Well, that's it with me.

My MeetUp group is meeting tonight, and I think I will fringe the thing there. I organized a poncho KAL with them (to kill two birds with one stone), and several of the girls are tres beginners; so, I will be showing a few people how to fringe and stuff.

Take care....


Saturday, October 23

Mark one off the list!

It's done! My first poncho for niece #1. I finally got all the details taken care of and have popped it in the mail to my dear niece. Here's some pix:

And a close-up of the flower Angi crocheted for me. I turned it into a pin, so niece has the option of leaving it on or removing it (or pinning it to something else all together).

I've also bought yarn for my niece #2 poncho. This will be knit up as two rectangles seamed together and a bit of the novelty fur-yarn around the edges. Niece #2 asked for lavendar, so I hope this covers it for her. (The other yarn is for a lacy scarf - another gift knit.)

I know from talking to a good many of you gals (and from posts on the KAL), that there's been a slow down on poncho progress out there. Is it because they're overdone and over-trendy now? Or is it more that holiday gift knits are pushing other projects out of the way? (Pushy darn knittin'.) Quite a few of us have recently inventoried our WIPs and WWIPs (wishing/wanting/waiting to be Works In Progress).
What knitting is keeping YOU busy?

Sunday, October 3

Is It Just Me?

Is it just me or do you guys ever finish something (or close to finish) and then don't like it? I did the two rectangle thing for my niece's poncho, sewed the two pieces together and crocheted edges around the neck and around the bottom. I originally planned to pick up stitches and knit the neck, but the hole wasn't as big as I thought it would be so I just did 3 rows of single crochet in the solid lavender. Since I crocheted the top, I did the bottom as well with one row of single crochet and one round of double crochet. I thought the double crochet would provide perfect evenly spaced holes for me to add in the fringe.
I did a test fringe and found it too short. I wasn't sure how long to make the fringe, so thanks Nanc for your reminder/tip!

The first time I did the rectangles for this poncho, it looked too small... now it looks too big! I will send Nancy a pic since I don't have a clue how to do that. The picture is without the fringe and blocking.
I can't tell you why I am not happy with it, I just don't care for it. LOVED knitting it though! I think I am going to make my Sister one for Christmas too but I am going to use the Yarn Harlot pattern next! I think maybe I don't like that it is SO pointy in the front... maybe that's it.
How do y'all feel about your items when you finish... is it a love/hate thing for you?

Friday, October 1

What's that up in the sky? A bird? A plane?

Nope - I think it just might be a super FO coming into my sights!

I haven't completely finished this niece poncho, but I did knit the last few rows and bind off last night while watchin' the debates and my Jon-boy. (And of course, try it on. Because when knitting in the round, it's hard to tell how big it really is.) I don't have pix yet, but I plan to get some tonight or tomorrow — while at Knit Out. (anybody else going to Knit Out in DFW?)

There's still the sewing in of ends, blocking, and adding all those fringes to do. In fact, I may be stopping by Yarn and Stitches today to find a nice, coordinating yarn. The poncho yarn is a soft, variegated yarn and I'd like to find a similar-feel, solid colored yarn to fringe and edge with. No, Berroco does not make solid colors in the Lullaby. Aww, shucks.

So I hope to post some pix soon, and then off to the USPS to my niece. (Hopefully she'll get a chance to wear it before it's too cold.) And then? Another niece is in dire need of a lavender poncho - any yarn recommendations, gals?

*** Update - I have pix! Here's the pre-fringed, pre-blocked, hanging on the fan pic of the niece #1 poncho. Please note that the legs you see behind the poncho (blurred on purpose) are not from some poor bloke waiting for a knitted sweater. No, that's Bucky. Come on... EVERYONE's got skeletons, we just let ours out of the closet! (Okay, so really we got Bucky for Halloween four years ago and now he's a permanent member of our ragtag family. We really like Halloween.)


I've also got a pic of the fringe being made... on the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD, just like Yarn Harlot sez to! I went with a solid, complimentary color fringe and I really like how it looks. (You'll just have to wait.) I used DaleGarn Baby Ull in a bright turquoise.

I'll have a new pic up of the finished poncho after blocking (and prior to shipping). And I've got the yarn for niece #2 poncho. Go, go gadget poncho!

Monday, September 27

Not that it's my place...

I've got a pic of Chris' poncho-in-progress from (gasp!) last Thursday. Yeah, it's overdue. Yeah, I didn't get any progress done on mine. And so, yeah, she's got a more recent pic on her site.
But I promised to get the pic up here and, although I may be slow in my response time, I am true to my word. Here you go:

Aren't those colors great! Chris is really going to town on that ribbon yarn and it's workin' for her.

Has there been any other progress this past week or so?

Tuesday, September 21

Dragging my feet

So...I finished the summer poncho, but it really could be a little longer. I have not made it over to the Woolie Ewe. I think I will leave this one as is, and make something else now. I cannot decide if I want to make another just like for me (cause I have plenty of yarn in my stash) or make one for the granddaughter. Decisions, decisions.

I've also finished a baby gift ( a cute pink sweater out of Snuggly DK - pattern from a Rowan book) and a sweater for a little girl turning one next month. I have to make the matching hat.

I am working on a scarf for me out of Fiore that I got at the Woolie Ewe. I also bought some beaded trim to put on each end. Oo lala!

OK, back to trying to decide on the next poncho...

Monday, September 20

Ok, everybody! Here goes! I've been rather slow to jump on the bandwagon (because being the trend slave that I am, I knit my poncho last year), and I didn't have anyone that I thought needed a poncho. Or so I thought! Then I went to visit my cousins in Houston over Labor Day and my little 2nd cousin Brittany (who is 5, and for the record, not named after B. Spears) went nuts for a little silky ribbon- yarn shawl I wore the night we got together. And then I remembered the Lion Brand ribbon yarn that Chris was using to make the poncho for her niece... well, put two and two together and I am now knitting a poncho for my cousin. Since Houston doesn't get cold enough for wooly yarn, and because Brittany seemed smitten with the shiny- ness of my ribbon- yarn shawl, I am using the same yarn that Chris is using (the aforementioned Lion Brand tape yarn on whose name I am suddenly drawing a blank), but I have not totally decided on the pattern yet. I am auditioning several but am shooting for a model that is knit on large needles from the top down. I'm heavily leaning towards an Ann Norling pattern that I got from the Woolie Ewe. More later!